Wrong. Her campaign and others have said this.
Matt Chessen

You know, if you are going to post a politifact article, before you do you should probably read it to make sure it supports your assertion.

The gist of that article is “inconclusive”. The campaign had made their claims, but have provided no verifiable evidence to support their claim. Even Donna Brazile if you remember first adamantly denied her role in providing questions to the HRC campaign called the emails “fake”, famously scolded Megan Kelly, but ultimately admitted they were true and accurate and apologized.

The Tim Kaine assertion is another interesting noncommittal. Basically he denies the accuracy of the information in the email, but not necessarily the email itself. Even suggesting that the email author didn’t know what they are talking about.

Further, every email with a DKIM checksum can be verified and probably has. None of these emails have failed DKIM, otherwise it would have been huge news. Many of the most damaging emails to the campaign and damning the DNC, were DKIM authenticated.

So no matter how you feel about these emails, whatever your “hope”. The most damning were accurate. If Seth Rich was involved either directly (provided emails) or indirectly (provided Podesta’ moronic password) his death is at least circumstantial to the leaks.

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