The 4 best ways of forgot password UX.

It is difficult to remember passwords for so many different sites and if you’re using a different password for all the sites and apps you’re signed up for (and you really should). There are so many combinations of letters, numbers and special character you need to hold in your mind.

What are ways to make the user experience better for forgot password? I have found few and listed below. Looking forward to your input on the same.

Send link on the email to log in

Have a link on your sign-in page, says "send my login link" it will send you a link to your email id. On click of that link, you will be able to login to your account directly. I like this method most, as no need to reset your password if you have forgotten it once. There is possibility to forgot the password again if I reset it.

Slack is using the same as there need to be multiple logins for multiple teams.

Send OTP to the mobile number

It is helpful when your users are frequent to use your site/app. Send them OTP (one-time password) to log in instead of asking for the password to reset. Do not let your users scratch their head and making them feel that you can not remember a password.

I found it while I was doing a recharge of my mobile from the website of Airtel. Airtel website allowed me to access its bank account by sending me OTP on my mobile which makes me feel like a delighter.

Show Password Hint

It is not usual for web users but is very supportive of desktop and mobile apps. Give the user an option to put hint text while registering. Prompt message to users if they have tried to found correct password. It depends on users, what password they choose.

Windows is using this for login screen from starting and I found it helpful for my devices.

Reset Password

It is very common and ofter every website use this method. When you have forgotten the password, fill your email/username and you will get a link to reset your password to your registered email address.

Above these all, I will recommend not to use weak passwords for your accounts. Whichever method sites/apps have but definitely will have a button to recover your password.

I would love to hear your approach to a user who has forgotten password. What will be your recommendation?