A Covid Story

So it finally happened, I got the dreaded Covid, but thankfully I was fully vaccinated and it just felt like a bad cold. I can see how bad the cough can get if you are unprotected, could damage your lungs. I tried everything I could to avoid going outside and mingling with others but the virus made its way in to my home still. As I sit here writing this story, I am grateful that I was vaccinated and the tireless effort to get people to do so. I am grateful that it wasn’t a death sentence and I am able to recover. If you remember from the early days of the pandemic, that wasn’t always the case and many people died before the first vaccines were introduced. I feel like I will be able to recover and get back my health but now I have to worry about Monkey Pox now, but that is another story.



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Keith Crawford

Direct Response Copy writing, email marketing and white papers for pharmaceutical and insurance clients, mayajohn-enterprises.business.site