UX on the Job — Documenting your Client Projects

Project documentation is paramount as it can be the basis for the current state and future state analyses. But how do we get there?

It started with a comment

I summarized my Q1 UX Review’s three key points on my LinkedIn account. See top 3 insights below:

  1. Streamlined processes breed consistency in your project delivery. Do not underestimate the impact of inconsistent processes and work outputs on your organization.
  2. Ask objective-based questions to understand your users and their contexts better.

#1 Document Projects by Creating Detailed Alignment Email/s with Call Recording Time Stamps

I’ve had some clients who record the entire meeting via Zoom or Skype recordings because they have off-shore team leads. This video recording also gets forwarded to us.

“Hi team!

Thanks for the meeting. We’ve summarized the 1.5 hours into these ___ points. For reference, refer to time stamps beside each key point.”

I have a more detailed example for you in the image below.

Disclaimer: This is a mock email based on the ones I usually send. Note that ALL details, email, and deadlines are fictional.

#2 Understand the Context and Tools that Work Best for the Project and the People involved in that project.

That said, regardless of how “cool” your tools are, do not force your tools to a client. Especially when they have their own processes and tools in place, they will most likely refuse. Be strategic with how you spend your time. Be flexible.

Distinct and defined communication channels would help you in the long-run. Having a well-organized and well-categorized folders and files in your cloud will also.
  1. ONE MAIN MESSAGING APP — We decided on having only one main messaging app for quick discussions. We chose to use the app that they were all using because it was the only one their firewall allowed.
  2. ONE MAIN CLOUD SHARING PLATFORM — Lastly, we made sure to have a well organized Google Drive for file sharing and documenting everything related to the project. (Each stage is a folder.)

Product Strategist & Researcher. 🤓 I’m curious about why people do the things they do. I seek my Great Perhaps with coffee & data. www.kcshiroma.com

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