Actual photo of my work note book where I write my “End of Month Reflections”

The pandemic paved the way for a career pivot as a UX designer.

Starting point: a Career Pivot.

2019 Last Quarter (Q4) UX Review

#1. People, despite how logical we believe ourselves to be, are irrational.

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2019 Third Quarter (Q3) UX Review

That said, hands down to how freelancers hustle 🙌🏼

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“You’re a designer! Don’t believe me? Well, did you make a decision that helped you solve a problem? No? Hmm… You probably decided to schedule your day so that you will be able to finish what you need to do.

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2019 Second Quarter (Q2) UX Review

1. Understand the different levels of maturity of the organizations you work with to better assess needs and deliver value.

Project documentation is paramount as it can be the basis for the current state and future state analyses. But how do we get there?

It started with a comment

  1. Ensuring that everyone is informed is key to any project. Make sure you have a way to document your projects.
  2. Streamlined processes breed consistency in your project delivery. Do not underestimate the impact of inconsistent processes and work outputs on your organization.
  3. Ask objective-based questions to understand your users and their contexts better.

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My personal reflections on the necessary “friction” that enables growth and encourages learning for junior UX research team members.

How are you supposed to handle daunting UX projects, pesky clients and your team member’s growth?

2019 First Quarter (Q1) UX Review

KC Shiroma

Product Strategist & Researcher. 🤓 I’m curious about why people do the things they do. I seek my Great Perhaps with coffee & data.

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