Why Learning Is A New Procrastination
Max Lukominskyi

Nice article! I also recently admit to myself that I enjoy and am quite good at learning but rather suck at working. I have a history of hopping from different fields of work and studying different things sometimes because I don’t particularly enjoy a type of work or I found myself falling behind at work. It becomes almost like a sickness that I’d want to avoid but couldn’t.

However, I actually find MOOC a powerful tool and alter our educational style much (for the better) compared to traditional schooling. Do I really want to spend thousands of dollars at a “reputable” overseas college (plus the extra living costs) only to find out later that I don’t like this subject or I’m not really good in this field, if you could find an online course for a fraction of the cost (or even free) and is held from a similar, if not more, reputable college and study whenever you like at home?

Well, it’s a debate for another day (traditional vs online schooling; and I’m not totally bashing traditional schooling). Despite my experience, I still find continual learning quintessential if you want to succeed in life. It’s not hard to tell, from observation or from other readings that one quality of successful people is curiosity and therefore they are always learning on the go. However, your point is still valid. Learning without practising would get you nowhere and I’m throwing that bad habit out of the window (it takes a lot of self-awareness and discipline to do that).

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