Powerful Writing in “Why design principles shape stronger products”

While reading “Why design principles shape stronger products” by Jessie Chen, I was fascinated by how powerful her writing was. The piece is concrete and it stands by itself with no need for extra clarification. Chen knows her audience and writes in a way that is relatable to her specific audience.

She details her journey from a lack of design direction to the implementation of solid design principles. She starts from the beginning. Why does a design team need design principles? How do we decide which principles are more important than others? Finally, concluding with a pyramid of principles that her team will abide by (shown in a graphic). As a Marketing Team Leader for Elon University’s Campus Recreation, I was taking notes the whole time.

Chen also knows her audience well and writes in a way that designers understand. It’s neither too dense nor too simple for it’s readers but reflects the breadth of our understanding. If you are caught up on some of the terms she uses, she included a “Definition” section at the end of her post which clarifies any questions. I found this additional explanation to be a delightful bonus to the piece.

I’m always on the search for how to make my marketing team more efficient and empowered. Chen recognizes that the audience is looking to better their designs and maximize productivity. By outlining her experiences in creating a better space for her designers, I feel empowered to go out and do the same. I’m hoping to produce guidelines for my Marketing Team about how to go about designing flyers and how to measure our design success.

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