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Episode 2 — How Our Military Experiences Positively Inspired the Creation of Athlete Foundry

As we continue to unpack the creation of Athlete Foundry, we are filled with a heavy dose of admiration for how our military has positively inspired the creation of Athlete Foundry — in undiscovered ways that will massively benefit the most important person in our crusade — the student athlete!

This feeds into our commitment to bring new perspectives, thirst for knowledge, and laser focus on our purpose — the student athlete’s journey in order to succeed in sports and in life after sports — period.

Today, we release episode 2 on our YouTube channel, The Furnace, which shares how the military not only positively influenced the creation of Athlete Foundry, but in fact provided the first spark that set this fire into motion!

We’ll see you at our YouTube channel…

The Furnace — Episode 2 [ link ]

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KC Chhipwadia
CEO & Founder
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