5 Web Development language you should learn in 2017

Programming is amazing. We can do any thing with this. Today, in 21th century, the devices that we use are running on a single thing. That is a programming language. The people who understand this are today one of the most famous people on this planet which includes Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Sergrey Brin and Larry Page (Google), Mark Zukerberg (facebook). Elon Musk (Paypal) and many more. The following is a full guidance of learning web Development with different websites recommended.

  1. HTML

HTML or Hyper Text Marking Learning is used for making plain websites. It is very easy to learn and is very helpful for you if you are beginning programming. This is using simple tags. You can easily program HTML by downloading Notepad++.

2. CSS

This is used within HTML. HTML and CSS and Javascript make the webpages that we are using today. CSS or Cascading Styling Sheets are use to beautify web pages. It will be much beneficial for you if you belive the words “Beauty With Mind”. In reality, mind is nothing without beauty and beauty is nothing without mind.

3. Java

Java is a software for Android Application development. The Android Application that you use today, the car software that you use today, the other household advance electronics devices are working on Java Language. It is developed by Orcale.

4. Swift

Swift is a simple programming language developed by Apple. It is for making Applications for iOS. It is using object oriented Programming. It is easy to use. You can tun your Swift codes by running your codes on Apple Swift IDE or Integrated Development Environment.

5. SQL

SQL is used for making databases. Databases are used by companies to store there data in a correct manner. Like Medium is storing data of the users, there followers and there following using SQL and other programming for making this databases. This is an insensitive language. It is easy to learn.

Where to learn for free?

Sololearn is also a very easy to use website where you can learn to code for free. I learned programming from there only. CodeAcademy is also a good place for learning programming for free in less time. If you are a kid, Khan Academy is also easy to learn coding. If you want to teaches this to you children very easily than one more website is Code Org.

A hope you enjoyed this article. Happy Coding!

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