You never know how Red is controlling you. Here’s why and how.

Red color may be just a primary color for us but in reality, it have a huge and deep effect on our mind and appearance. Red is very influential color. Once in an test experiment in New York, volunteers were shown three color of primary board and they were asked that which was more attractive. The three colors how were green, blue and red. And, even the volunteer liked blue or green color they choosed red color but it has a deep effect on our brain. This whole writing deals with red color and its effect on mind with few reports of experiment.

Red color is such that it can control you. It has a huge effect on your brain. you will be observing that fast food companies like McDoanld’s, Domino’s and many others has red color in there logo. You will also be observing that the box of Happy Meal is red. They are keeping this intentionally for triggering your hungriness. This will force you more to eat.

This is not the single effect of red color on your brain. whenever you see a girl wearing red color cloth, she attracts you. Once, in New York, one experiment was organized. Few men were called and they were asked to meet an unknown girl. The first group was allowed to meet a lady wearing random color while other group was allowed to met a lady with wearing red color cloth. For nearly an hour they have to spend time with them. The result was surprising. The men who met the lady with red color were talking more friendly and were sitting too close to that unknown lady compared to the lady wearing random color cloth. This is also triggering Gender Appeal. It can be center of attraction for anyone. May you see a girl wearing red color dress and you are so much attracted by her. Or a boy who is wearing red sports shoes and you are attracted towards him. It is magic of red.

Red is color of love and hate. It is color of anger and shame.

Red is really a wearing influencive color. You will be observing that great business man and other gentle man will be wearing red tie rather than any random color tie. One of the great example of that is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump (left), Barron Trump (middle)

See, who is more seen to you, Donald or Barron? Of course, Donald Trump.

Red color also increases your confidence. The people wearing red clothes while interview has more chances to get a job.

These are just few simple advantages. But it have similar disadvantages too. It is a symbol of aggression. It is also an symbol to stop at a place. it also gives your brain a symbol to stop. We can observe this in our daily lives.

“Seeing red also triggers some surprising behaviors. For instance, drivers blocked in traffic by a red car react faster and more aggressively than drivers barred by vehicles of other colors.” says 
Scientific American website.

Ever you have seen an ambulance. It have red color symbol. Ever you have seen a fire brigade. Its color is red. So what is that all for? They all understand the important and effect of red.

If there is much traffic on main road of city, you will observe a red color light on traffic signal. That is due to the disadvantages that we discussed above. Ever you have seen a bull run? If yes, then you will be observing that the people who control the bulls at that time uses a red cloth. But, what is the reason for that? Why, blue and green are not as influential is blue is?

Color scientist researched and the reason is due to difference of wavelength. Blue has the shortest wavelength out of the primary colors. Green has medium wavelength. While red has the biggest wavelength.

Down are given some pictures. See what is influence of red on your mind by that:-

A woman with red dress
Red snakes

I hope you have a good read about read color! Happy friday and have a nice day!