All-New Animation Desk

Kdan Moble
Oct 1 · 4 min read

You asked. We listened. We hope you like it.

Hello from the Animation Desk team here at Kdan mobile. It’s our 10-year birthday and refresh of Animation Desk, our natural, flipbook-style animation app. We’ve been listening to your feedback and it has given us the power to make something unique, which we couldn’t before on our own. Animation from scratch, on any device, is now more…you.

Animation Desk has a new minimalist UI to take the focus off the interface and promote your artwork.

More of what you love. Less of what you don’t.

Users like you love the intuitive feel of drawing apps, and we wanted to give you more of what you love. Using your feedback and our experience with drawing tools, we recreated Animation Desk, injected with a new character. It allows creative people to cast their imagination into motion on the page, just like a flipbook you might have made as a kid. We’ve listened to you and you’re right. Simplicity is the key to promote creativity, so we’ve taken it to heart.

A clean and bright home page makes it more convenient for you to get right back into drawing, or see what the community has been up to.

Use on any device. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

We think that everyone should have access to our app. That’s why you can use it with more devices than ever. Animation Desk now works on Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC, with stylus support too. It’s important to us that you can get good animation software for free on any device, and we’ve worked hard to make that happen.

Quickly get important details of clips at-a-glance with gallery mode.

Teachers and students, we’re listening.

Animation and education make a fine match. Students and teachers can communicate ideas in a whimsical, natural way, promoting engagement and creativity, rethinking the way ideas are presented. When or where inspiration strikes, you will be ready. With Animation Desk on your smartphone, digitizing your ideas into motion is just a tap away.

If you’re a teacher, you can make from-scratch infographics, or use a healthy library of built-in templates to uniquely convey your point. Pull in your students with more engaging materials, and integrate seamlessly with your existing material. Create assignments for students to draw their ideas, demonstrating their understanding in a fun, collaborative format.

Intuitive editing tools

Graphic designers, you’re in for a treat.

We believe in your business. Building upon the success of PDF Reader, we want to bring more unique capabilities to you and your employees. For office and front-line workers, we have expanded Animation Desk’s collaboration, cloud, and compatibility features. It’s now more comfortable for you to synchronize all of your devices, securely sharing with anyone.

When you’re away from the studio and in feeling inspired, you can use the app to pencil in your ideas. Then back with your crew, your work will have synced over the cloud, allowing you to collaborate easily with storyboards and letting you focus on your talent. You and your company will stand out from the pack, and because Animation Desk is available on any device, everyone can collaborate and contribute. Kdan has made Animation Desk free, with storyboarding and cloud sync for better teamwork on animation projects.

Use the share sheet from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac to collaborate on animations with one tap.

Powerful, by design.

Animation Desk is designed to be powerful software that responds like a paper flipbook. Paper-like animating on an iPad is the most natural way to learn and create animation. With onion skin, the ‘paper’ is transparent so you can see the before and after frames. Our beta users report the brighter, minimalist interface as their favorite feature of this new app, promoting the front-and-center showcase of their artwork.

You asked, and so we re-imagined a better interface, with brighter, more lively buttons, and natural flow. We’ve made galleries more convenient. Your hard work is now more prominent and beautiful. Finding what you need and getting it out there is now more intuitive.

Use the share sheet from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac to collaborate on animations with one tap.

Let’s play animals!

Introducing iAniMagic 2019, an international animation competition built right into Animation Desk continuing from August 1st through the end of October. This year, iAniMagic is themed “Animal Party”, featuring your cat, alligator, goat, dodo, or any other animal-themed short story. We love our great community of artists, and to celebrate them, we’re giving away $5000 in huge prizes, up to $700 for the top prize.

We want to encourage education, so students will also win licenses to Kdan’s Creativity 365 software, and all artists will be featured on their App Store of choice.

Join in! Don’t worry, we won’t bite.

AniZone, Kdan’s artist community, is where thousands of artists from all walks of life get together and exchange ideas, and we really want you to be a part of it. We’re thrilled to see so many people gathering together to animate from different backgrounds, all around the world. Join the world of animators today, and show us what you can create!

Kdan Moble

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