Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 — Daz Yang

Today, the Animation Desk team is honored to invite a longtime user Daz Yang, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to share her journey of creation with us. Daz has been working in the art industry for several years and has been producing her own animations. In her spare time, Daz enjoys the beauty of hand-drawn and stop-motion animations.

“Party Time!”, by Daz Yang

“I found Animation Desk very useful when I was drawing a personal short animation storyboard. It can be used as a story planning app,” Daz explained, “I can directly browse all of the frames by clicking on the buttons at the lower left corner. I can also drag the frames by sequence. The app made it extremely convenient for me to conceptualize my film structure. I no longer need to put sticky notes on my wall, all I need is my tablet. Exporting my storyboard into PDF can’t be any easier. I am transitioning from using paper to draw storyboard into doing it digitally.”

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