Inside Story of the Winners of iAniMagic2015 Part II: Bermudy Chen, Animation Desk in Filmmaking

In our first inside story of #iAniMagic2015, Daz Yang discussed how storyboard assisted her in conceptualizing her ideas, and shared some handy tips on the making of animation projects. We have since been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from you; it is incredible to know that Animation Desk has gathered a solid group of followers that inspire us to keep pushing it forward.

In this edition, we have the first runner-up of iAniMagic2015, Bermudy Chen, talk about how Animation Desk streamlines his workflow in filmmaking and animation creation.

“The Super Coffee”, by Bermudy Chen

Working in the filmmaking industry requires a high-level of spontaneous flexibility. “I need to be able to quickly jot down ideas for my work, and I can do that with Animation Desk. I don’t need to follow complicated steps to create new frames, which is usually the case with other animation applications. With just one tap, a new frame is there for me, just in time before the inspiration fades.” Visual thinking is another skill that most filmmakers possess, it allows the team to stimulate ideas and reinforce the brainstorming process. “We often need to develop storylines for films and animations, and Animation Desk is the tool I will use to record thoughts and ideas in meetings.”

Hand-drawn storyboard of “The Super Coffee”

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