Staying Focused

Today was a trying day to say the least! Deadline is upon us and everyone is pushing at the last minute to close up some loose ends and push revenue. Revenue is why we work right? Its the engine that moves our train, that makes things happen and pays the bills. In our business we want to help others drive business and by doing that we are most likely assured of those advertisers to continue to run with us. YES….I know also provide customer service but that comes in second. We either sell or be sold and that goes for anyone wether your in sales or not!

I had a few account that were signed up ready to go call and tell me they have had an unexpected turn of events happen and they will more than likely have to pull out. When this happens this late in the game it throws a wrench in the works. We have a revenue goal but besides that we are now looking for a replacement and I mean quick! This kind of thing happened three times today….UGH!! So I had to stop take a breathe and decide that this was not going to sour my whole day instead I chose to put an email out to the account reps letting them know we have some space available at a slight discount so get on the phone and make it happen. In short its best to find a solution to the challenge instead of rolling in the drama of it all! I chose to go to battle and win back what has been lost!

Lets Roll Everyone!


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