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3/24. Europe is outnaziing Germany — only Germany can stop that

The EU is a political construct. It’s main goal is to unite Europe and make it less hostile. The effect is the opposite. The Euro is driving a centrifugal force right into the heart of Europe.

Country after country if falling prey to populists, nationalists, socialists and all of the above. It doesn’t matter how they call themselves. The strong parties in Europe are a reflection of feelings in the streets. And those feelings are not pretty. They are about hatred, fear and seclusion. In short, they are precisely what European bureaucrats are supposedly trying to prevent by sticking to the Euro.

The main argument for sticking to the Euro is that the alternative is a disaster. But this alternative is happening even faster with the Euro. Countries like France, Spain and others are slowly moving towards a mode of governance which resembles precisely what they are trying to prevent by sticking to the Euro. In short, the Euro is accelerating a movement it is supposed to prevent. A paradox but true. Countries in Europe are turning to nationalistic, myopic and xenophobic politics.

In France the right wing has 25% of the vote and raising. Once a country turns to 30% or more it’s over. Then the middle is dead. Once France turns, most other peripheral countries will follow.

The only force to stop this is Germany. They have to step the foot on the break. Muddling through is not an option anymore. Muddling through now means driving others into disaster. Germany has to take the role of the strong guy in the club. They have to set rules and enforce them. Whoever doesn’t follow, gets kicked out. Who follows gets rewarded.

Economic reforms have to be pushed through. Cronyism, corruption, unionism have to be eradicated. Youth unemployment is high and can only be reduced by the above. If not, Europe will become even more hostile and disintegrate.

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