Hare and the Tortoise: The silicon valley edition

The hare and the tortoise were sitting in a hip cafe in San Francisco. It had been a long time since they met. While bonding over their Matcha and Gibraltar, the topic of the great race of their ancestors came up. They both agreed that the hare was the faster one. One thing led to another and they decided to race again, this time on Embarcadero street.

They started from AT&T park. It was 10 am. Before the race, they both secretly looked up the amount of time it would take to reach Fisherman’s Wharf. 57 minutes it said. “Psht, this is human estimate, no consideration for different animals. They need more diversity.”, the tortoise thought to itself.

And off they went! The hare had a lead on the tortoise, until he reached the ferry building. It was a clear day, blue sky. This doesn’t always happen in SF thanks to Karl The Fog. He took out his phone and created a story with a picture of the bay with a nice GIF of the sun with sunglasses on and maybe a “yaas”. “Should I add something more?”, thought the hare, “Nah it would be too tacky.” Add to story. Done. He clicked on the red dot over under his notifications, 10 likes on my last picture of the Matcha and two comments, “Suh dude! You are in my hood.” and “That looks sick!” Replied and replied. A notification from Slack popped up, “Hey guys, looks like the welcome screen looks broken. Could you check?”. It was one of the VPs pinging. “What! It was working yesterday when I tested it”, thought the hare. He quickly opened the app and went to the welcome screen, the text alignment did seem off. He went back to slack and pinged his colleague and discussed the issue. Turned out it was not critical and was not affecting a lot of users. He got another instagram notification about his story. Went back to instagram. “What a beautiful shot! What are you doing this morning? Want to meet for lunch?”

He looked up and realized the race was still on. He checked his watch, it was 10:50. “Oh shit”, he started sprinting. But it was too late. The tortoise had reached the end. He saw the hare coming and waved at him.

When the hare reached the end, the tortoise said, “Nice photo dude” and smiled at him. The hare looked disappointed but thought to himself, “Atleast I can put this on my next annual review.”

The end.