On choosing the right startup

Joining a startup is in “fashion” these days. Everyone is looking to join a startup. Some people only think about (future) monetary gains. If that is the only reason, then it might not be the best place to be at. Starting a startup or joining one should address the passion or the need to solve a problem.

Here are some factors to be considered for choosing a startup

1. People

I cannot stress enough on this point. You must share the same vision with other people in the startup. Try to work with people smarter than you, that pushes you to be even better at what you do. They should inspire you. You are going to spend a lot of time working. You are going to experience the good, bad and the ugly with them.

2. Culture

Every startup has its own culture and values. If they do not complement the way you work, its not going to be easy or fun. There is no perfect culture anywhere, it differs everywhere. Having free food, more vacation days and other such perks do not define a culture in my opinion. It is how employees treat each other, how well their ideas are respected, how positive the environment is, how well feedback is received.

3. Passion

The problem that is being solved by the startup should excite you. It should give you a feeling of satisfaction to work on a solution for it. Later in life, you should feel proud of the products you have built. Asking yourself a simple question of, “Would I spend time working on this if I was offered no money?” would give you the right answer.

4. Professional Growth

Everyone has some professional goal that they wish to achieve. The startup should help you in putting a step forward in achieving them. At a startup, generally you have to put on more hats than you would have to at a big company. This definitely helps you in the long term.

5. Learning

Everyday there should be at least one thing that you learn.The work should be more challenging than your last position. It should make your learn something new, technology and otherwise.

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