Dear Executive

Why have some people preferred working from home? Isn’t it obvious? We desire freedom.

I had a dream wherein I found myself working with a company on a big marketing project. I was interning as the company's financial psychologist, whereas another young man around my age held a different, equally important position.

Both of us had the purpose of advising the company heads in the direction that they should move to increase profits throughout the year. "As all services and commodities are seasonal due to psychological and environmental reasons," my boss surmised.

Our boss already knew everything the two of us knew from personal experience, so I questioned why I was even there. Despite our youth, he seated us just behind him while he and the other executives sat at a long conference table. I could not help feeling both honored and out of place.

The dream took a strange turn after I suddenly left the room to use the bathroom, and was interrupted by a phone call from a friend. While sitting on a bench in the bathroom after finishing the call, I realized I was dreaming. I had looked up and walked toward a mirror and could see, to my surprise, that I did not have a reflection.

So here I was, lucid while asleep. What should I do? I stepped out of the bathroom and walked back toward the office. The whole building seemed to shake and quake violently around me. When I stepped into his office, it seemed as if my whole center of gravity shifted. Suddenly I was forced flat to the ground, crawling as if scaling a mighty mountain.

I felt like I was wrestling with something in a way difficult to describe, but there was no way I intended to lose. The world rocked and swayed at my rebellion, but I held on and pushed back until the world finally submitted. All the while, not a soul seemed to notice me anymore.

So with my dream now in my hands, I decided to leave; why waste my time working when I could be having fun? I hurled myself through the glass window behind my boss and headed to the edge of the property. A river flowed out so beautifully nearby; of course, I was going to go and fly over it. A disembodied voice said, "wait till the leaves are carried by the wind and then go," and so I did.

It didn't take long, but it was worth the wait. It was the most fun dream I've had in a while; flying was amazing, conjuring walls of ice and carving them into castles, constructing bridges or cliffs; it all felt so incredible. When I finally finished, I closed my eyes and could feel my real arms crossed over my chest, then I opened my eyes, and I was awake.


Just as much life happens outside the workplace as within it. We have families that need our attention, bills, emergencies, school, sleeping, eating, and personal obligations.

If you are an executive or a CEO reading this, please understand that I am trying to build a bridge from one heart to another. I ask that you recognize that your goals and aspirations are being fulfilled right where you are through the office. However, that is not necessarily true for your employees.

Sometimes people are eager to get home or stay home because that's where they do the things that make life worth living for them. First, we build your legacy, and then we build ours.



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