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Bridge Of Bones

The Giant

Speaking by doing. Fighting for cultural change.

September 21, 2022

In this dream, I was fighting a giant trying to kill me. The giant served a witch traveling around and building relationships with other monsters for unknown reasons. My friends and I were using magic to fight back against this parade of demons.

Magic in the dream was based on a color system of some sort. For example, The colors yellow and blue could both produce lightning because lightning of those colors exists in our world. Under that same logic, red would allow one to manipulate blood, lava, or fire. My magic was black; that is why I could create things. Things cast shadows, so I could replicate items using this "Black" magic. Not sure what color flying would be, something I was also doing to fight the giant more dynamically.

I mostly used this power to form weapons with which I attacked the giant. I began my assault with a blade I created of pure darkness by forming a shadow between my hands and then slowly moving them apart. Things got crazy from here as I wielded fourteen levitating blades that I directed to strike him from a distance. I later manifested spears, guns, and explosive artillery. But my attacks did nearly nothing due to the giant's tough skin.

On a hunch, I invaded the monster's body and saw that its legs were made of wood. The lady controlling the creature was too lazy to finish creating it with biological material; this would be to my advantage. I began wrecking every wooden beam I could find to cripple the titan's leg before I emerged and distanced myself from its angry grasp.

A friend of mine from the waking world asked me a question; he said, "Why are you fighting that thing? That's not like you at all". I said, "Fighting is easier than convincing this guy not to kill me." My friend gave me that look, a look I know too well. "Try anyways," that look said.

In an instant, the distance between me and this mess of a creature was gone, and he looked angry.

But my friend’s words echoed through my head, "Try anyways." So I did. Lowering my hands and dismissing my magic weapons, I stood defenselessly. The giant threw a punch with a balled fist bigger than my whole body, and I said quietly, "Hey, can we talk?" The fist of the giant stopped only a few inches from my face, and I continued. "You have two options, just two. I can form a nuke right now and evaporate your flesh if I want to. However, if you stop trying to kill me, I will fix your legs". My friend chimed in and said, "And you can join us." The giant thought for a moment and said, "Sure, but I also want blood and bones. If it doesn’t work, we fight."


Bridge Of Bones: The Martyrs That Change The World

Defenseless in a fight. Do we dare trust our foes to lower their weapons and talk because we have dropped our own? This is not easy; it is practically suicidal. But I want to use three examples of this working in history.

Martin Luther King did this in his non-violent protest during the civil rights and labor rights movement. As the violence done against a united front of people from every ethnic background was broadcast on television, America could not defend its inaction to the outside world and had to confront this behavior. Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King.

Gandhi led a movement across India that was a kind of aggressive non-violence, or aggressive non-cooperation, that freed India from the influence of Great Britain. This occurred in part through repulsion towards the savagery of Great Britain towards the people of India. So far, savagery directed towards people who did not fight back helped both of these movements gain the worldwide attention needed to succeed. But it doesn't have to be a visual example; it could also be a written one. It was the written example of Jesus Christ who inspired Gandhi.

Jesus Christ takes the scene while under Roman occupation and oppression, calling people to love their oppressors and be good to one another. After his death, his disciples carried on his teachings, and a movement of non-violent action began that would ultimately transform the Roman Empire and spread across the globe. This is a movement that has thrived for almost two thousand years.

There is power in active and creative non-violence; it is a power that can unite the world, and history validates the claim. Many are eager to kill to protect themselves or their way of life, but how many are willing to die violently for the change they believe in? Who will become the zeitgeist of America’s teenage years?



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Kalleel Myricks

I write about dreams and study the themes presented within. I want to see if I can monetize sleeping by producing value from dreams.