Med-Ed Presentations at ASN Kidney Week 2016

Oral Presentations

[TH-OR100] Pediatric Nephrology Training Worldwide in 2016: Quantum Educatus?

Dorey A. Glenn, MD, Kevin E.C. Meyers, MD, FASN, William A. Primack, MD

Posters ( Thursday and Saturday)

[TH-PO1115] Improving Palliative Care Communication Skills in Nephrology Training: Description and Outcomes of the NephroTalk Communication Program
Jane Schell, Jamie Green and Robert Cohen

[TH-PO1133] The Renal Interactive Learning Module (ILM): A Novel Nephrology Curriculum for Interns

Karen M. Warburton, Dan Negoianu, Jordana B. Cohen, Serena Cardillo, David J. Aizenberg

[TH-PO1124] Awareness and Knowledge among House-Staff for Dose Adjustment of Analgesic Medications in Chronic Kidney Disease

Chadi Y. Saad, Joshua Fogel, Sofia Rubinstein

[TH-PO1111] A Novel Communication Skills Curriculum to Improve Shared Decision Making among Nephrology Fellows

Jehan Z. Bahrainwala, Niharika Ganta, Nina R. O’ Connor Karen M. Warburton, Denise Lamarra, Jeffrey S. Berns

[TH-PO1120] The Acute Dialysis Orders Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE): A Formative Assessment for Nephrology Fellows

Lisa K Prince et al.

[TH-PO1122] Outcomes of Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheters Insertion by Nephrology Fellows in Singapore

Alicia Ong et al

[TH-PO1155] Complications of Percutaneous Renal Biopsy Performed by Nephrology Fellows: Analysis of 1071 Procedures
Manuel Marquez et al

[TH-PO1106] Improving Comfort with Comfort Care Discussions

Juliya Hemmett, Elena Qirjazi et al.

TH-PO1119] Enhancing Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology Education Using a Novel Mobile Learning Platform

R Lance Miller

[TH-PO1126] Primary Care Provider Education in Nephrology — Improving Chronic Kidney Disease Care on the Front Lines

Rob Rope, Nhat Pham

[TH-PO1117] Using Storify as a Learning Tool in Nephrology: The NephJC Experience
Hector Madariaga, Swapnil Hiremath, Nikhil Shah, Matthew Sparks, Joel Topf

TH-PO1118. Queens Nephrology E Learning What’s App: Q new study
Muhammed Bukhari, Khaled Shamshedin

TH-PO1103. Palliative Care and EoLC for ESRD patients managed without dialysis in Denmark, A national survey.
Jens Madsen, Flis Murtagh

[TH-PO1132] Identifying Utility and Challenges for an Established Online Journal Club: The NephJC Experience
 Swapnil Hiremath et al.

TH-PO1121. Best practices to increase medical student interest in Nephrology. A qualitative study.
 Stephen Sozio et al.

[TH-PO1133] The Renal Interactive Learning Module (ILM): A Novel Nephrology Curriculum for Interns
Lauren Wharburton et al.

[TH-PO1134] Applying the Flipped Classroom Model in the Outpatient Renal Clinic: A Pilot Study
 Amil Kazory et al.

[SAPO898.] Barriers and Facilitators of CKD patient education as perceived by Primary care providers
Varun Agarwal et al.

[SAPO921] A quality improvement project to increase transplant referrals in CKD patients in Nephrology fellows continuity clinic.
 Lori Fisher et al.