Mark Zuckerberg Hates Black People
The DiDi Delgado

Police Lives Matters = Niggers Deserve to Die? Let me answer that with another well known saying in the black community, nigga please! I am black by the way so save your outrage. You’re still young though, so there’s hope. but you have to learn how to learn. And learning is not done by asking a question and then conducting a biased experiment and then concluding that what you already knew was true. But that’s precisely what you did.

Many of your premises need to be checked. And your conclusions don’t withstand even semi-vigorous scrutiny. Your research methods and your experiment design methodology are sorely lacking. But you are a good writer though so you will fool some of the people some of the time.

Too bad Mark Zuckerberg and all the lily white people who work at facebook aren’t as ideologically pure and unbiased as you and the dope ass black women that you would replace them with, huh? Cause that would fix everything, right?