The Truth About Your Post Baby Body

Let’s talk about your post-baby body. If you are anything like me you’d probably rather NOT talk about your body post baby, but here we go. Someone has to bring it up.

The biggest question I have after growing a human inside of my stomach is this, “Why is there so much pressure to look like I did pre-baby?” Especially in this world of insta-perfection where you have women online selling products, services, and all kinds of gimmicks with the promise of getting back to your pre-baby self, but WHY?

Aside from the obvious changes and differences, I am NOT the same person mentally or psychologically post-baby that I was pre-baby, so why shouldn’t my physical appearance reflect that in some way? It’s almost like some kind of deranged race backwards — “Who can revert back 10 months the quickest?” Ready. Set. Go.


I hate that race. I’m not playing that game.

Now, I think it’s fair to differentiate racing backwards to your pre-baby body vs. striving to get into a healthy lifestyle regimen post-baby. Pregnancy comes with alot of free passes — anyone else go in hard on carbs ?— donuts, bread, cookies, fries, poptarts?! Anyone else? And by all means, pregnant women deserve all the free passes they want, but post-pregnancy carb addiction is real. That’s a whole other topic, but my point is that it’s ok to realize that you need to make changes to your diet or lifestyle post-baby in an effort to feel better and have more energy for your little bundle of joy (or stress, tbh). It’s just a dangerous trap to get sucked into the backwards pre-baby body race.

Someone wise had this great tool: it takes 10 months to grow a baby, so why are we so obsessed with getting back to some ideal prior to 10 months post birth? Expect at least 10 months (give or take) to get to a new normal and ladies, your new normal might look nothing like your pre-baby body and THAT. IS. OKAY!

Along with trying to get to pre-pregnacy weight, we women try to stuff our new bodies into our pre-pregnancy clothes. If there’s one way to fast track the hormonal tears of dread, go ahead and slip those skinny jeans on and cue the rage when you can’t get them over your hips (by the way, the actual bones in your hips spread open so you could get that baby out, don’t forget that fact). Physics, ladies. Don’t throw those clothes away quite yet and really, who can afford a whole new wardrobe, but let’s all be realistic about it.

Here’s a tip that I recently did: buy jeans for the in-between!

These might just end up being your new permanent jeans but at least you won’t feel like a busted can of biscuits as you walk up and down the aisle of Target. Girls, trust me, I did not want to buy “that size” — you know what I am talking about — but I put on the size below and yea, that was a big no. Sure, maybe I could technically zip them, but the whole being able to breathe thing was debatable. I opted for the bigger size.

I’m going to be honest. It was legit hard to put down the smaller size, walk to the register, and pay full price for these “bigger” jeans. My coupon wouldn’t work on this pair, ugh.

But really, at the end of the day, who cares what size my jeans are?

And guess what, I put them on at home and you know what my husband said, “WOW babe, those look great!” He didn’t say, “Looks like they are a size bigger than you would have bought pre-pregnancy”, or anything remotely close to my negative self-talk.

The truth is, your post-baby body is beautiful. The extra skin, the stretch marks, the thicker thighs, the saggier boobs, the softer tummy is all proof of your incredible ability to produce life. Let’s celebrate that!

You are a completely different person than you were pre-baby and its ok if your old jeans don’t fit. Go buy the new pair, a size or two bigger. Ignore the lies that society tells you about having to look a certain way and as my friend shared recently on her Facebook talking about celebrating her birthday and being a mommy,

“My weight or size does NOT define me. My character does. I’m working on me, my own way, and on my own time...I may not be anywhere near my best self right now, but I’ve got a little boy who loves me and I adore & a husband who supports me every step of the way.”

This is what life is about y’all.

To all the post-baby-bodies out there, I see you. I salute you, you beautiful girl, you.