How To Live With Less and Love It More
Elle Fredine

Elle, wow, how inspiring…This couldn’t have been more true. I know someone who has it all….All the money you could imagine, and good looks. Known this person just about all my life…But it’s so true, if you’re not happy inside, if you’re not fufilled, you’re the poorest person on earth. Richness comes from within..I often see greed too and cheapness when I’m around a true rich person…not a good quality. I always felt if I had $ like that how I would give to so many great causes…All I can do is try in the little ways…O boy, I don’t mean ALL RICH PEOPLE ARE BAD…I have seen many great, giving rich people as well….relax Ben Franklin’s…ha…O boy, maybe I better stop while I’m ahead…you just got my brain clicking. I’m staring at the screen thinking…delete or not, you ever think how things can get read wrong…?