Bath Time!

In this commercial, Johnson’s is advertising their baby bathing collection, focusing on the shampoo. The commercial is about 30 seconds and is taped from the perspective of whoever would be washing the baby, in this case the mother. Due to the slow motion video, language used, and placement this commercial overwhelmingly appealed to the need to nurture.

The whole commercial is focused on the baby in the bath and is from the mom’s perspective. It looks like you are the one washing the baby, holding her in your hands. This makes the consumer feel connected to the commercial and may bring out some maternal feelings towards the product. Additionally, throughout the advertisement the narrator, a woman, spoke in a soft voice while describing the tiny details of what was occurring in the video. This made me feel more relaxed and comfortable with the product.

Specifically during the commercial, the narrator once said “In just this one moment your baby is getting even more than clean”. This suggests that a shampoo, which has the purpose of cleaning, can do more for you and your baby than just clean. It is saying that if you want to do more for your baby, use Johnson’s baby shampoo. Then, towards the end the baby smiles as the mom is washing the baby’s head which might have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. Looking at that smile during the commercial has a positive impact on the consumer. It leaves an impression that if you want to nurture your baby and have a happy baby, use Johnson’s. Finally, Johnson’s baby product collection slogan is “So much more”, because clearly using Johnson’s products provides your baby with more than the generic brand’s products. In reality, Johnson’s is probably extremely similar to any other baby shampoo, but the commercials Johnson’s produces makes you feel like you are doing more for your baby by using Johnson’s than just giving her a bath.

Overall, this was a very effective ad. Watching this commercial would lead the consumer to trust Johnson’s with your baby’s care, make you feel good about buying their products for your baby, and leave an overall positive impression with the product and the brand. I found myself smiling throughout the commercial, which was part of their goal.