Local Haze Release 1.2 Update — Luftdaten sensors and Favorites

Karen Donoghue
Feb 6, 2019 · 3 min read

By: Karen Donoghue, Product Manager & Interaction Designer

Local Haze Version 1.2 now features data from over 10,000 crowdsourced air quality sensors worldwide.

Local Haze: Air quality sensor confidence ratings for free on your iPhone

New Features in Release 1.2

Local Haze has two new features to announce in this release (Version 1.2). We’ve added nearly 6,000 Luftdaten community sensors, more than doubling the total number of crowdsourced sensors being displayed by Local Haze. As of this release, our count of monitored sensors is now just over 10,000 worldwide.

The introduction of Luftdaten sensors into Local Haze (left) shows many more crowdsourced sensors displaying in Europe. After drilling down into a sensor location, Local Haze now displays sensor data for Luftdaten sensors’ air quality readings (right).

In addition, we have a new Favorites feature that allows you to “pin” sensors to the top of the Sensors list. Now when viewing a sensor’s Summary screen, you can “favorite” it by tapping on the star icon. Favorited sensors will be pinned to the top of your Sensors list for quick viewing.

The new Favorites feature (left) allows users to pin favorite air quality sensors to the top of the main Sensors list (right).

With this new release, Local Haze continues to help air quality enthusiasts be more confident about their local outdoor air quality readings by improving the sensor accuracy through crowdsourcing.

About Local Haze

Local Haze crowdsources and analyzes readings from a variety of outdoor air quality sensors to help users understand the air quality of the world around them. Local Haze reads AQ data from crowdsourced sensors from PurpleAir, Luftdaten and government sensors via AirNow and the U.S. Department of State. Local Haze is available for free on the Apple App Store (for iPhone) and can be installed here.

Our goal is to deliver the best possible air quality confidence ratings for people using Local Haze. We are continuing to improve the user experience and the analytics around AQ sensor data to help people understand the air quality readings for the locations and gain a sense of confidence about the accuracy about their AQ sensor readings.

The Local Haze team hopes you find this new release and enhancements useful and we welcome all feedback at localhaze@humanlogic.com.

Special Thanks

We’d like to say a special thank you to Sotirios Papathanasiou @SFotonium for bringing the Luftdaten sensors to our attention. Also thank you to David for the suggestion of the Favorites feature.

Follow updates for Local Haze on Twitter at @localhaze.

Karen Donoghue is PM and Interaction Designer for Local Haze where she works on product features and UX collaborating with a team that includes design and engineering. For more info see https://www.humanlogic.com/localhaze/ and download Local Haze for free by visiting the Apple App Store here.

Karen Donoghue

Written by

Interaction Architect and Advisor, HumanLogic

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