Understand the fundamentals of deploying your first Fluree instance and scaling out at your own pace.

This post by Jake Parsell, Platform Engineer at Fluree, originally appeared in Fluree’s blog.

Where to begin

You’re ready to start. You’ve read about data-centric systems or have an idea for a Web3 service and discovered Fluree is the right way to get started. You’ve downloaded Fluree, starred it on Github, and reviewed the docs. Now what?

Should you just start building, or plan your project out first with an architectural diagram? …

Semantic interoperability allows systems to exchange and federate data with universal meaning

This story originally appeared in Fluree’s blog.

Welcome to part two of our Data-Centric Blog Series, where we peel back each layer of Fluree’s data-centric architecture stack. Our first installment, “Data-Centric Trust,” describes how the concepts around data provenance, lineage, and governance are central to a healthy data ecosystem.

Today, we will focus on making that data useful to a wide array of consumers through practicing semantic interoperability.

What is Semantic Interoperability?

Data integration now eats up over a third of the average IT department budget, when that overhead should really be…

Trusted Data = Efficient Digital Ecosystems, Better Decisions, and Automated Compliance.

Welcome to part 1 of Fluree’s Data-Centric Series, where we peel back the layers of the data-centric architecture stack to explain its relevance to today’s enterprise technologies and shifting digital industry needs. At its core, Fluree is built around the concept that in order for data to be increasingly available, interoperable, and fundamentally usable — data must be backed with total provenance, security, and trust.

This first installment focuses on data “trust” and its impact across the broad spectrum of enterprise data management. Organizations are increasingly describing themselves as…

The Data-Centric Architecture treats data as a valuable and versatile asset instead of an expensive afterthought. Data-centricity significantly simplifies security, integration, portability, and analysis while delivering faster insights across the entire data value chain. This post will introduce the concept of Data-Centricity and lay the framework for future installments on Data-Centricity.

Welcome to Fluree’s series on data-centricity. Over the next few months, we’ll peel back the layers of the data-centric architecture stack to explain its relevance to today’s enterprise landscape.

Data-centricity is a mindset as much as it is a technical architecture — at its core, data-centricity acknowledges data’s valuable…

Privacy matters to everyone.

It matters to businesses, which on average pay 8.19M per data breach.

It matters to regulators, who have enacted digital compliance laws like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act to protect citizens against poor data privacy practices.

But most importantly it matters to consumers, who have no choice but to distribute their private information to third parties in order to buy things online, to get mortgages, to participate in social media, and to do just about anything else a normal modern life would entail. These third parties can access — and more importantly — leak this information. How?

The #1 cybersecurity threat in 2020 is the phishing attack — with “close to 30% of phishing emails making it past default security.”

The next…

As enterprises begin to invest heavily in extracting analytical and operational value from data, the FAIR data principles should be considered for highly-sophisticated master data management across various industries.


In 2016, Scientific Data published a paper titled The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship, a call-to-action and roadmap for better scientific data management. The mission was clear: provide digital information with the characteristics it needs to be found, accessed, interoperable, and reused by communities after initial data publication. …

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What if machines could talk to one another?

In 1999, inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim Berners Lee expressed a vision for an intelligent, connected, and data-driven internet:

“I have a dream for the Web in which computers become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web — the content, links, and transactions between people and computers.”

Tim Berners Lee

Sir Tim Berners Lee’s vision became popular among emerging technologists who understood the value of universal data — interconnected, versatile, and directly available as a globally decentralized asset.

Core Philosophies of Web3 (The Semantic Web)

  • Data-first, data-driven — A data-first architectural approach to building applications and workflows. In a semantic ecosystem of…

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Blockchain Data in Enterprise Systems

This article is a repost from the Fluree Blog: https://flur.ee/2020/03/26/5-killer-use-cases-for-blockchain-in-enterprise-data-management/

We don’t have to be industry analysts to know that better data equals better decisions.

Today, we’ll look at 5 ways blockchain technology can improve enterprise data quality and data management to make a lasting impact on a company’s operational success.

1: Unified Master Data Management

Working towards a distributed, verified system of record for better master data management.

Good master data management is part technology and part strategy — it involves building a comprehensive data management framework wherein critical data is integrated and leveraged as a single point of reference across the digital enterprise.

Kevin Doubleday

Evangelist for Fluree, the world's first ACID-compliant blockchain database for better applications | email: kdoubleday@flur.ee | website: www.flur.ee

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