No, you are not part Cherokee. And neither is Elizabeth Warren.
Meagan Day

As a matter of fact, I am part of the Cherokee Nation as well as the Lenape tribe. Not only was I born and bred in Oklahoma, so were my ancestors. To find a Randall in my lineage not born in Oklahoma, you must trace the line back to the Kansas reservation where my great-great grandfather was born. He traveled to Indian Territory as a child in 1867.

While there is truth in your article, I take exception to your inclusion of Oklahoma. Nationwide, Native Americans are about two percent of the population. In Oklahoma, that number is about fourteen percent. We are second only to Alaska in native population percentage.

Oklahoma is followed by New Mexico (10.4 percent), South Dakota (10.1 percent) and Montana (8.0 percent). The estimates for New Mexico and South Dakota were not significantly different from one another.

Georgia, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee — they belong in your story. Oklahoma doesn’t. Ten minutes with the last census numbers would have told you that.


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