Chuwi Vi7 review

Chuwi Vi7 review. The tablet takes over 60 SECONDS to boot. I feel that this is very long, but keep in mind this is only a $60 device. The device comes set to Chinese out of the box. Click the globe icon near the bottom of settings and then the very first option to change your language. The device supports SD cards and you will need one. Out of the 8GB in the device, only 3.55GB is available to the user. The low available space is from me installing many apps, do not be alarmed.

Chuwi Vi7 review

This device scores very high considering the $60 price tag. Performance wise, it heavily outclasses many Snapdragon 410 handsets and tablets, including the Moto E and Moto G 2015. Internet speeds are fast and stable, ensuring fast app downloads and system updates. Graphics scores show that the device can handle many recent high end Android games and emulators. They may not run perfectly, as this is still a low end device, but they are definitely all playable. From the 3DMark chart, you can see that the temperature of the device barely increases. I can confirm this, as playing intensive games does warm the Vi7, but it is almost unnoticeable, and certainly is nothing to be worried about. You can read more about it at

The battery in this device is 2500 mAh, which is very small for a tablet with 3G. I work a 7 hour shift with my job, and this tablet could not survive from 10AM to 5PM. (10:00–17:00). Even worse, the battery reading seems to be broken on my device, I charged the device overnight and the battery app for Android reports the usage incorrectly. Throughout my shift, I browsed the web, chatted on Kik, Skype, and Steam and played around 20 minutes of Implosion. Upon the end of my shift, I attempted to unlock my tablet only to find the battery dead. It took over 2 hours to charge the tablet from 0% to 100% while it was powered off. The tablet does not support Fast Charging.

The tablet sports two cameras, one primary 2MP camera and a secondary 0.3MP camera. The camera is of course the worst of them all, it lacks any type of focus, the UI is very stock, and it has no flash, however, this is only a $60 tablet, and the camera makes this a very feature filled device, especially since there is also a front facing.


CPU: SoFIA AtomX3 C3230 64 bit Quad core 1.2GHz 
GPU: Mali-450MP 
Storage/RAM: 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
System: Android 5.1.1
Display: 1024x600 7.0" IPS
USB-OTG: Enabled
Bluetooth 4.0
TF/SD card: Up to 64GB (not included)

Verdict — Who would buy this?: Consumers looking to step into the tablet world of Android and on a very low budget. While this device does have many pros and also many cons, it is still extremely feature filled for its price and I would recommend this to anyone on a budget. This device beats Amazon’s new Fire 7" tablet in every category: Camera, OS(Android 5.1.1 vs Fire OS), screen, audio, and storage. For only $60, you are getting a lot.

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