Here is an article discussing everything to do with bund walls. If your in the groundworks and civil engineering community it might be worth a read. Here is the link to the article

KDS Construction Proudly Serves Multiple Industries

We here at KDS Construction (established 1963) are proud to be of vital use to multiple industries. Our reputation is commercial and industrial construction specialists. We also perform all sorts of civil engineering services that means we can see a project from its infancy all the way through to completion. There’s almost no sector of civil engineering that we can’t competently offer our services to. Occupying multiple industries has meant we can grow as a team and company. It started by being involved in small projects only, slowly building up to being involved in larger projects. Then eventually, we picked…

KDS Construction

A concrete construction & civil engineering company. Name : KDS Construction. Address : B5 Taylors Court, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6NU. Phone : 01709 845765.

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