KDS Construction — An Overview

KDS Construction Proudly Serves Multiple Industries

We here at KDS Construction (established 1963) are proud to be of vital use to multiple industries. Our reputation is commercial and industrial construction specialists. We also perform all sorts of civil engineering services that means we can see a project from its infancy all the way through to completion. There’s almost no sector of civil engineering that we can’t competently offer our services to. Occupying multiple industries has meant we can grow as a team and company. It started by being involved in small projects only, slowly building up to being involved in larger projects. Then eventually, we picked up the skills, team and dedication required to manage these large projects too. All of this couldn’t have been done without our talented engineers & project managers.

KDS Construction Boasts a diverse and impressive portfolio

We’ve thankful to have worked on some amazing projects over the years and now have a really diverse portfolio. Some of these projects include commercial foundations and factory units… It’s a long way from the projects KDS Construction were working on some 55 years ago! Building this portfolio was no cakewalk. To thrive in this industry you really need to have expert problem solving skills as individuals, a team and a company as a whole. Problems come at you on a daily basis and from every angle! We stay true to our roots and are still willing to manage or be involved in smaller scale projects, though. Our national presence and comprehensive team means KDS Construction can continue be in a wide variety of works and continue to expand its ever-growing, impressive portfolio.

Name : KDS Construction.

Address : B5 Taylors Court, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6NU.

Phone : 01709 845765.

Email: info@kdsconstruction.co.uk

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/gBb6NnYiwgP2