Nobody Wants Illegal Immigration to End

The notion among political candidates, political pundits, and the general public alike will have you believe that illegal immigrants are ruining this country by taking jobs from United States citizens.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The propaganda machine that is the nightly news will paint the picture of Mexicans sneaking across the border in the dark of night with ski masks on making a b-line for companies and shoplifting jobs from unsuspecting Americans. This puts the majority of the blame on Mexicans and not on the people ultimately responsible: the mostly white business owners who hire them.

Let’s get this straight: no one can steal a job. You are hired for a job. So the notion that they are taking something from someone is utterly ridiculous. And the fact that this debate has been shaped this way proves it’s nothing more than bullshit and insulting to my intelligence.

Why has no one asked who is hiring these illegals? (If an immigrant who doesn’t speak English, hasn’t been educated in this country, and doesn’t have a diploma is qualified for the same job as you, maybe you should rethink your life choices.) If you think that these industries are ignorant to the fact that they are hiring undocumented workers, you need take a red pill and call me in the morning.

The fact that those in the position to hire continue to employ illegals is downright unpatriotic. They are the ones betraying the American people, not the illegals who are looking for a way to feed their families. You think CEOs don’t love the fact that they can pay someone far below minimum wage, don’t have to offer them benefits, and pay them in cash in order to drive up their own personal profits and earnings for their business as a whole?

They indeed embrace it. It creates a permanent working underclass. And Mexicans love it too, because they can send that money home. A dollar is worth a lot more than a peso at the moment, so they don’t mind working for the wages they do. In all honesty, it is a perfect marriage.

Donald Trump, who has been at the forefront of this debate, is probably guilty of this same thing. Why has no one investigated if he has illegal immigrants working in one of his hotels or other businesses? It would be shocking if he didn’t.

This debate is just another attempt to blame people of color for the actions of mostly white people. Occupational owners could solve the problem tomorrow if they stop hiring illegals and hire Americans and pay them a competitive wage. (But then they couldn't give themselves those huge bonuses.) Not only do they hire illegals here, but they have been shipping jobs oversees in third world countries for decades. Why don’t they bring those jobs home and strive to make the U.S. a better nation by employing its citizens? Simple answer: greed.

So please wake up and place the blame where it needs to be placed. Hold the businesses giving jobs to illegals accountable and understand that they are the ones taking employment away from American workers.

If stealing jobs were that easy, why can’t we all do it? I certainly would have a higher paying one than I do now.