Kevin Dukes



Everything in this ad is advertised towards boys. There’s Iron Man, who is targeted mostly to boys. Then there’s Nike shoes which are almost entirely marketed towards boys. This ad gives boys the illusion that they can be like tony stark as long as they where Nike shoes when in reality, shoes do not distinguish between classes. This ad fulfills mass communication because it can apply to men of all ages.

Even though this ad is sarcastic, it portrays the image that women cannot handle anything that is “bold”. It also does not make much sense in general to advertise your product entirely to men. This only reinforces the stereotype that already exists that women can’t handle certain drinks. My dad has even tried to explain to me that I can never be seen with a wine cooler or a hard lemonade because that would make me look feminine. There are drink stereotypes for both genders and they are silly and ridiculous

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