What is innovation?

Innovation….a much used term that it is proving tricky to define conclusively. In the role that I have at HH Global it has a multitude of applications and meanings. From reinventing a process, to challenging a customer brief to creating new products and services that didn’t exist before…

Talking to colleagues and clients it is clear that nobody can quite put their finger on the true definition and everyone has their own view. Here are some of my favourites (simple is best as always).

“Creativity that adds value”

“A significant positive change”

” Innovation is the process that transforms ideas into commercial value”

“Innovation is a project that’s new to you and has an uncertain outcome.”

“fresh thinking that creates value”

“Something newly introduced”

“The practical translation of ideas into new or improved products, services, processes, systems or social interactions”

“The successful exploitation of new ideas”

“Innovation is not the result of thinking differently. It is the result of thinking deliberately (in specific ways) about existing problems and unmet needs.”

So there you have it. Nobody can put their finger on it exactly.

For our part we approach this topic by trying to define the challenge or business problem and then looking at this from a number of differing angles and views. We try and “reframe” the question or challenge.

It feels to me like a cultural thing.

It feels like a way of thinking or approaching things.

It can’t be forced. Like creativity it often comes to you when you least expect it (or at least that is what I have found).

As I learn more (and we are all constantly learning or we are declining) I will add more thoughts here…

Comments welcome..

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