Tips and Tricks From a Product Illustrator

The Beginning

When, a few years ago, I started working as a freelancer, I remember that I saw it as a constant struggle. I didn’t know how to manage my tasks correctly during the day. I tried to understand how to work with clients from around the globe. I didn’t know how to focus when working from other places that weren’t my home, or which devices would be helpful for working remotely.

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Imagine: you create illustrations to be a part of a company’s branding. You define a style, give it a direction, and create more and more illustrations necessary for the whole project. But what do you do when you’re not a lonely island? What if there are other illustrators on board? Add to that the team of 60 designers and the entire marketing department who will sometimes also need to use your illustrative skills. Our solution: the Illustration Guidelines and Smart Library.

Why Did We Create the Illustration Guidelines?

It’s very risky for a design agency to outsource illustrations to someone else. If a style is created and…

See How We Redesigned the Leading UK Fintech

Uber, Dropbox, Slack, Airbnb and many other respectable companies bet on illustrations. The reason? They all believe that an illustration is not only an adornment to a product. It’s also a powerful tool that can help increase vital business metrics, eg. conversion rates.

Our team at Netguru shares the same beliefs. We also know that first impressions matter — researchers’ most optimistic conclusion give us only 7 seconds to build a good initial image. Some researchers claim it might be only a tenth of a second.

And How to Prepare The Brief for an Artist

More and more often I get questions from you on how to work properly with an illustrator. If you are an entrepreneur who is just planning to start working with an illustrator, or if you are an illustrator and you are wondering how to prepare properly for a project, I think that you are in the right place.

The illustration is a very broad concept and that is why I would like to narrow down its meaning in this case to illustrations in digital products. …

Tested on human

One of the most important values in my life is curiosity. A curiosity of the undiscovered, of the world, of the new things which I can learn. And because learning from others is so important to me, I want to share my knowledge with you also. Hopefully, it will be good for you in some way!

So, Let’s get started!

Daily routines

I love my morning routines. It’s like a mindfulness session which helps me start my day in a good way.

Usually, I’m waking up at 5:30, I’m drinking water, making a tea/bulletproof coffee and open my laptop. I avoid all…

How to show the value of the product and what are the product illustration values

I found myself in this field and it is certainly not the easy one. But I was super lucky because there was someone on that journey who showed me how significant the product illustration can be, how to think about it and how to solve problems with it. Thinking about it holistically in the approach to the product. Treating it as a huge support for the brand and using product illustration as a tool for understanding has become an incredible adventure for me to tell you about.

What is a product illustration?

Product illustration is an element of product humanization, which can be an object…

Tips and tricks which can help any creative person


How I become an illustrator

I remember my first drawings and conversations about illustrations in the sandbox when I debated with my neighbor about going behind the lines in coloring books and the consequences of that. I was four or five and I didn’t like this kind of books. (I’ve never been able to color this stack of coloring books from my grandmother.) A clean sheet of paper was always more exciting for me.

During my whole carrier, I had…

Katarzyna Dziaduś

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