Hillary had LEGAL dealings, signed off by our government and multiple agencies, with the Russians.
Matt Perri

One, we aren’t at war with Russia. The Russian lawyer was part of a fringe group that was made up in part by Hillary and DNC people.

The US Attorney General, Lorreta Lynch, in the Obama Administration, let this lawyer in the country.

None of the information provided by the lawyer was used. The Trump team was smarter than you give them credit. They smelled a rat. There was no laws broken and no collaboration agreements were made. While I think it was dumb for them to even take the meeting, they broke no laws. Fact is, Hillary and her people also used foreign assistance in opposition research against Trump. The reason there is no anger at her is because she is a Teflon coated Democrat.

I personally believe the Russian lawyer was a plant used by Hillary’s campaign to play gotcha. But Trump nor his campaign used the baited information so the gambit failed. Must suck for you bitter sore losers on the left.

You’re enemy is not Trump. Your enemy is the lying media that lied to you and convinced you Hillary had the election and it failed. You should also be mad at the pollsters that also lied. I was convinced Hillary had it and was shocked when my vote for the Libertarian party did not contribute to Hillary’s win.

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