The media is lying to you. Trumpcare is not much different than Obamacare. The media will have you believe that while Obamacare is the health care reform that saves lives, Trumpcare will cost lives.

I can tell you from personal and professional experience, no hospital will allow you to die because of your lack of insurance.

Trumpcare has its issues. It is almost as bad as Obamacare. Americans are paying on average, 63% more in premiums under Obamacare. That would not change by much under Trumpcare.

So much is being made of the Cruz amendment. It allows insurers to offer a cheaper policy with less coverage. People are mad that the government is giving them alternatives. Since when do we need permission from our government to buy an insurance plan?

People will be allowed by government to purchase a plan without covering care they do not want. Because we need governments stamp of approval on everything we do now.

One day soon, we will need government approval for getting treatment. Think it won’t happen? Look at the biggest socialized healthcare system in the West. Britain is trying to deny treatment to little Charlie Gard as we speak. Denied because of a low success rate. What if Charlie Gard was one of the luckier ones and survived. If Britain has it’s way, the world may never know.

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