It sounds morbid, but I contemplate death daily. I ask myself, “What if this is it? What if my time runs out today?” I’d love to say that I’m at the point where I’m comfortable with death, but it terrifies me.

A benefit of these thoughts about expiration is that it makes me appreciate the little things a whole lot more. This cup of coffee tastes better when I remember that it may be my last, and the music in my ears hits a little deeper when I remember that it may be the last song I ever listen to.

Another byproduct is that I think deeply about what to do with my limited time here on earth. …

As an aspiring software engineer, essays on programming have become a valuable source of information and inspiration.

They detail the thought processes of the best engineers in the world. They provide insight into how they formulate and articulate problems, communicate them to others, and go about solving them.

Humans are pattern-matching machines. To solve problems, we draw upon previous experiences to identify possible solutions. These essays — detailing specific problems and the solutions used to solve them — allow the reader to increase the number of patterns they’re able to call upon.

That’s not to suggest that reading can replace experience, but it can provide a valuable starting point. …

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If you’re learning to code, you‘ve frequently heard about how important your GitHub profile is. It’s like a social network for programmers — a place to showcase your work, find interesting projects and connect with talented people.

I remember hearing this and deciding that it was time that I established a GitHub profile. I was going to push code consistently and build my profile. And then I stumbled at the first hurdle: How do I actually push code to GitHub?

In this article, I’m going to explain the difference between Git and GitHub, and layout the workflow that you can use to push your code to GitHub. …


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