medium says here to “tell my story”

we tell our friends to tell us their stories. we ask our classmate about who they are and what their life looks like…but the minute they tell us hard and real truths about themselves, we shut them down with our judgement and our words.

i cannot help but to feel absolutely enraged by the fact that people everywhere are afraid to talk about who they really are and are afraid to be who they really are all because of bogus opinions and stereotypes and people just outright not raising their kids to appreciate the different things different people can bring to the table.

i see it every day here at college. the quiet girl in the back pretending she went to a party on thursday night just to seem cool to the majority. the cool guy in the left side of the room talking about how he got laid this weekend when in reality he’s saving himself for marriage and has never even had his first kiss.


why can we not be a society where if people want to stay in all weekend and study and watch movies and get pizza and ice cream delivered to their room they can? a society where the college guy who wants to remain a virgin until marriage does not get humiliated or made fun of? a society where the quiet girl in the back is talked to by the popular girls merely because she is a human and she deserves to have friends that she can be real around?

why does this society seemingly cease to exist?

be the change you wish to see in the world. accept all differences. accept everyone. love everyone. lift others up. its as simple as that.

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