The Trucking Industry Is the Perfect Fit for Many Transgender People
C. Brian Smith

Great article. I came into trucking because I couldn’t take factory life anymore. It actually cause me to have a panic attack at the last plant I worked at because of harassment I’d gotten from co-workers at the plant before when I came out and began to transition.
HRT killed my sex drive too. And I don’t like being around people that much, so I’m in it for the travel not to hook up. The money isn't fantastic but its not the worst either.

I would tell other trans people who want to get into this that, it’s a great, honest career but its often a very lonely one. I don’t know of ANY company that offers Transgender specific medical coverage, like SRS, Breast Augmentation, etc. But, if you are single, you can safe up for these because living in your truck, you have no rent or utility bills to pay on.
Be ready to miss out on family events, hanging out with your friends, etc. you may even begin to feel very disconnected from your previous life. And while you have the best office window to look out from, the hours are long and at the end of the day, you’re still just picking up a load then dropping it off. But, if you get bored hauling dryvan, you can haul other things like reefer or flatbed or tanker.

Keep a good driving record, and you have total job security.

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