Screw Clothes, Go Naked

Photo Credit: Hannah Morgan

When I began diving into the world of self-development, I realized that I needed to eliminate the stress in my life, specifically in the area of choosing what to wear.

You know that feeling when you have no clothes at all, but you actually have too many? “What should I wear today?” you ask your completely empty closet of a million articles of clothing that spill out of the closet onto the bedroom floor and into the next room.

That was my closet. Somehow it even migrated to my bed every morning. How did this happen? Well, my morning would commence with trying on one outfit, which of course didn’t look good so I had to try on a better outfit, and since that didn’t look good I had to try on 49 other outfits. “Maybe I’ll like this one more,” I kept thinking.

Into the Mind of Keala…

  1. Let’s try these leggings with this sweater… Yeah, nope.
  2. Maybe different shoes will work? Ha, nice try.
  3. Stop trying to look cute, just go for the spandex. Spandex always works. *looks in mirror* Why does my butt look like that? Okay, nevermind…

51. *51 outfits later* I give up! First outfit it is. It was alright, I guess.

Unfortunately, this happened Every. Single. Morning. Nothing to wear and too much to wear at the same time. Does this sound like you? Of course it does. You do this too. We have never ending closets of nothingness. And we wear that nothingness every day. Sometimes it puts itself together into an outfit that is almost presentable. But really, we would be better off naked.

There are too many choices to make in life, too many outfits to try on. How do we sift through them all? How do we decide what is important to us, what makes us feel good?

My confession…

Most of the clothes that I own I don’t even like. I don’t like my dresses-they are old and ugly (to me). I don’t like my pants or my shirts-I want to get rid of them. The odd thing is that I never get rid of them. And I bet you don’t either.

But you know what I realized in this journey of self-improvement? I might actually have less stress if I got rid of all of the ugly nothingness. I might not be bogged down by the weight of them, wouldn’t be suffocated by the stress they cause me every morning.

How to Remove the Stress From Your Life

Go to your closet. Hold each piece of clothing, each accessory, and each shoe in your hands. Now ask yourself,

“Does this spark joy?”

Does it make you feel pretty or handsome when you wear it? If it does then keep it. If not, get rid of it (harsh, I know).

With each item you get rid of you remove the stress of having to choose. Sometimes we have so many choices available to us that it renders us incapable of choosing at all. By eliminating one item at a time you are slowly dominating the field of choice.

Moving Forward

Are you done choosing?

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