Aircraft Carriers Could Be Obsolete in the 2030s Even With F-35s
War Is Boring

We seem to have two articles on the same topic. Russia had the right general idea with the Kiev class aircraft carriers. An assault carrier that can operate three, perhaps four squadrons at most, of fixed wing aircraft is right-sized for general purpose strike. The secret sauce we need to add to the original recipe is robust air and submarine defense capabilities.

The Navy may be upset over delays in the F-35 program, but needs to get over it and fully commit to purchase of the F-35C and UCAS drones. The F-18’s, E-2’s, C-2’s, and S-3's must be replaced with more adaptable and survivable aircraft.

I agree with Dr. Hendrix’s comments about using submarine and air launched cruise missiles for first strikes. Development of a new long range multi-role manned stealth aircraft specifically for the Navy is improbable at best, given current fiscal reality and the Navy’s history with such programs.

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