Time For Action:

Celebrate the 4th of July?… Check.

Spend the entire next day recovering?… Check.

Change the world like I promised?… Working on it.

Here’s the deal,

I want to become a freelance creator that uses media to positively influence people and their wellness. I think there’s a huge number of misconceptions in the health culture in America, especially the difference between fitness and wellness. Using my talents as a creator, my goal is to inspire people to look at the whole picture of their health. As someone who went through their own wellness journey and transformation, I believe I have a unique perspective on this issue. Not only did I achieve a high level of fitness, but I also rode the mental health roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. Now, more than five years after I originally set to change myself for the better, its time take the knowledge I have, and share it back to the world.

Coming to this realization, and then actually writing it down in a publicly accessible place is fantastic, but not nearly enough to actually make it happen. I can say whatever I want, but its the follow up actions that determine if I’m successful. The best way for me to do that is to set a goal and then follow through with it.

So, what’s the plan?

Create. Every. Single. Day.

Whether its a photo on Instagram, a post on Medium, or a full-fledged short film, adding a piece to my creative resume on a daily basis is going to be crucial for my outcome. It’s also a commonly given piece of advice from top level creators. Specifically, in Casey Neistat’s 3 words got me 3 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS, he tells his audience:

“Just. Keep. Uploading.”

That’s what I’m going to do.

But why?

Why use media when you could become a nutritionist, kinesiologist, or psychologist?

It’s a question I frequently ask myself, and one that I expect many others to ask me. Each of those professions exist within the wellness cycle, and they have the backing of scientific research to make them credible. Each of them would allow me to directly influence people, but at too small of a scale. While I won’t be pursuing a scientific approach, I fully plan on continuing to be scientifically literate and using research from those fields.

The difference I see in being a creator is the power of relationship.

Facts and numbers can present people with an accurate representations of their health, but I seldom see those same numbers causing people to change their habits. We have no shortage of people who can identify the problem and offer effective solutions. If becoming health conscious was as easy as testing every American and telling them their BMI, blood pressure, and cholesterol were too high was enough for change, we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in this country. It takes more than that.

I’ll use my own example:

At 5' 9" and 208 pounds, I knew I was overweight. I didn’t like taking my shirt off, and I had a variety of doctors indirectly tell me that I needed to be more cardio fit. Yet, I didn’t make any significant change until my two best friends at the time got me to join the high school cross country team with them. It was through a relationship with them that I began to change. I met a variety of fitness-minded people who I looked up to and eventually modeled my behavior after.

I dropped 40 pounds in 8 months.

Relationships changed my life and I plan on creating a platform to allow others to share the experience. I may not be able to hang out with everyone, but if I can be the person to spur a change in habit, the people they meet will do the rest.

That’s the plan. Whatever it is I think up, its getting uploaded somewhere. Hopefully in enough time, it will amount to something I’m incredibly proud of.