Why I Endure.

Everyone who asks me about my fitness plan usually opens with a question of: “How do you do it? How do you continue through a two hour ride?”

Well, the answer is simple.

I just keep pedaling. I make meals. I follow a plan.

But they aren’t satisfied by that answer, and this happens because they really want to know why I do it.

So why do I commit myself to multi-hour sessions of discomfort and a mathematical approach to food?


Throughout the day, I find myself attempting a large amount of analysis regarding certain courses of action. I call it the “What If? Game”. Over time, these thought processes take over my focus and can destroy my mental state. Not only do I think about the different ways I can go about something, I also analyze the consequences of all my actions, the future choices those consequences present, and so on. As you can imagine, there are an infinite number of possibilities to think about, which can create a lot of mental noise and stress.

In contrast, endurance training requires a very single-minded approach. You can do all the prep, training, and planning you want, but eventually it comes down to personal willingness. When I ride, it’s just me vs. the road. I get on my bike, grab a snack, and just go. There are no limits on how many miles I can go except my ability to continue. It’s a simple idea.

To succeed, just keep pedaling.

Those couple of house each day provide me with an opportunity to quiet the excess thoughts and process the ones I find to be important. At first, it seems counter productive. Spending 2–3 hours per day should cut down on time that I spend doing other things, and it does. However, it also serves as more than just an opportunity to exert myself physically. It allows me to process the first part of my day, and create an effective plan to finish the rest of the tasks at hand. This unconscious organization of thought allows me to return to my work and studies refreshed and more productive.

With all this in mind, I feel that it’s equally as important for me to workout as it is to get adequate sleep. By spending that little bit of extra time on the bike, I’m able to simplify an increasingly complex world and make my day just that much easier.