Moving to San Francisco (Part 2): Meandering Through This City of Lonely Souls

Well, after our second round of house hunting together, Jason and I have finally secured an apartment that is centrally located, very convenient to the popular neighborhoods e.g. Valencia, Castro and Mission, and within our budget. Even though it’s not as big as we hoped and could have been $300 less, it’s still not too bad of a deal.

The move-in date is good too, in the middle of December. (We’ll have our current place up till the 4th week of December.) This way, we can move our things over to the new apartment gradually, and do some shopping during the time gap. We do need a bed and have locked our eyes on one from Ikea that has this massive convertible storage space. We are ordering a custom-made mattress from somewhere else too, and that’s gonna take some time to come.

For the whole of last week, J and I had been battling our jetlag. I would wake up at around 4am and feel sleepy as soon as the sun sets, which is around 5.30pm lol. Sometimes I would skip dinner because I was more tired than hungry. Due to the much colder and dryer weather here, I was down with a bad flu too, and my appetite was really poor.

But this week I’m feeling much, much better. My body is slowly adapting to this new environment. And as long as the weather is above 10 degrees, I’m fine. On some days I would go running by myself along the piers.

This week, Jason has gone to CHINA for work, leaving me all alone here. I don’t really have many friends in San Francisco, so it can get lonely. Or rather, I am feeling slightly isolated. There are people who live here that I know of, but we haven’t met up in person before lol, so I guess I can’t really call them “friends” yet. Having said so, I have also been trying to put myself out there more. Even though I’m starting all over from scratch again, I’m not gonna let anything deter me.

Just a few days ago, I discovered, which I’ve found to be really useful. (This is not an ad and I’m not paid to talk about the website okay lol. I’m just a new user.) The website basically works like Facebook groups. People create groups of different interests, like wine-tasting, yoga, hiking and etc., and you can join them, and then see what events are coming up. Funny enough, there are tons of people using the website. Well, good for me, since I am in need of some friends to hang out with, and ideas for where to go.

San Francisco is an interesting city because most of the residents (like 90%?) are from somewhere else, in and outside of America. Most of the Americans I’ve met thus far came from other cities and states. So I guess this is why people here are so keen in meeting up with strangers?

Though, I think I connect better with people who are expats like me. I have been hoping to find people who would be able to go sing Karaoke with me. And I only do Mandopop okay. LOL. Not even sure if there’s Karaoke here please. I realise that I’m more keen in meeting girls than other gay guys. I guess I’m just more natural with being girls’ GBF, you know. Geoexpat has certainly helped me a lot with that aspect when I was in Hongkong. I wonder if there is something similar to it that I can use here?

In other news, some of my friends back home are worried about me because of the San Bernardino shooting. Curiously, I ain’t the least bit worried about my own safety here. Perhaps because, firstly, the shooting wasn’t really that close by, and secondly I’ve been walking around SF on my own and the city feels pretty safe. The public transport here is pretty good, and I’m not as scared riding it as when I was in LA or NYC. So yeah, I’m pretty thankful that San Fran isn’t as crazy.

Nonetheless, it’s still sad to see that America is still as fucked up as ever. Actually I have been wondering if Canada is a better place to settle down in. Plus all my best friends are up there! Ugh.

Actually, after all these years of traveling and living abroad, I kinda feel that anywhere in the world is “same same but different.” It’s all about your perspective and how you want to see life. You can live in constant fear and worry, with all those monsters in your head, or you can choose to let them go and embrace what’s in front of you.

Am I afraid whenever I get to a new place? Of course. And my anxiety would always get the better of me. I’d fall right back into that same trap of being paranoid and insecure.

But then I try to be more objective and rational about things. I force myself see things in a more positive light. I tell myself,

Breathe in, breathe out. Take your time. Stop being so defensive. Smile. Live in the present. Let the law of attraction work for you.

Now, time for a run.

Till next time…