How To Make Her Cheat On Her Boyfriend

I didn’t have to finish watching this video to know what I have to say. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to any more of the bullcrap that’s coming out of this man’s mouth anyway.

Well firstly, let me introduce this guy. He is known as Todd Valentine (not sure if it’s his real name), and he is a pickup artist/“executive dating coach.”

Not surprisingly, Todd is part of the Real Social Dynamics (RSD) community, which is where the infamous Julien Blanc a.k.a “the most hated man in the world” came from.

Todd has a YouTube channel where he shares videos of him teaching guys how to pick up girls.

Well essentially there is nothing wrong with sharing with the world what you know (or think you know). I do believe that we all have to respect each other’s freedom of speech and freedom of expression yadda yadda. But the content of Todd’s YouTube videos just came across to me as… how should I put it…

Just fucking wrong.

I took notice of this video of his after I finished viewing the CNN interview of Julien Blanc on a Yahoo news article, which reports the good news of Blanc being banned from Singapore.

And here are the other videos that showed up on the sidebar of the YouTube page I was on.

Glaringly offensive, aren’t they?

So I clicked on the “How To Make Her Cheat On Her Boyfriend” video, and braced myself for the onslaught.

But the bullshit is so tremendous, I literally #CantEven and had to pause the video. And also because,

And then I went on to look at the comment section to see what people have to say, and thank god for those individuals who spoke out against this video.

I swear I would have just died from the profuse loss of faith in humanity if people were praising Todd and agreeing with his message.

But of course, there are people like this:

The stupidity.

Okay but what I really want to talk about is this:

Is it wrong to purposefully go after someone whom you know is already in a committed and exclusive relationship?

Some of the other comments on that YouTube video go something like:

“She should know her options. Her boyfriend doesn’t own her.”

“If her boyfriend is good enough, then she wouldn’t cheat.”

Their main argument seems to focus on personal freedom and the issue being a grey area, and I get it. I am for personal freedom and the power of choice, and I too think that relationship issues in general have no black and white to the most of them.

But my answer to the question is this:

It is wrong to pursue someone who’s already attached. Period.

Well I’m not going to go on and on preaching.

Just two simple points and I’m done.

First point: KARMA

Or what me and my girlfriends call, the “bad juju.”

If you’ve made it happen for someone else, it is going to happen right back for ya.

Just like, the more you hate, the more hate you are going to have in your heart, but the more you love, the more love and happiness you are going to receive in your life.

So if you support cheating and think that it is okay, I guarantee you it is only going to come right back you. This is how it always happens.

Just remember:

What goes around always comes back around.

Second point: INTENT

Like seriously, what do you want out of luring the person you like into temptation? Sex? Love? For your own evilness? What.

Okay well if the person that you are interested in is in a relationship that is unhealthy, unhappy, or abusive even, then IMO it is okay to FIRST try to help him or her OUT of the situation, and then AFTER that, see how things go.

But if he or she is in a happy committed relationship, and you try to spoil it by being a third party, then THE FAULT IS ON YOU. Always. Doesn’t matter if he or she falls for you or not. It’s like firing a gun at a carnival and seeing if the bullet hits anyone or not — regardless it’s a hit or a miss, you are, and will always be known as, the bad guy, the slut or the arse in the scenario.

And what if you got involved before you even knew about the situation? Well then it’s up that cheating bastard/bitch to choose. But seriously, would you really want to be with that cheater afterwards?

All in all, don’t do the wrong thing on purpose, in full knowledge, and then say that you’re not a bad person.

FYI, doesn’t work that way.

And lastly, I have to say that I do not agree with ANYTHING that has got to do with RSD Nation. The community actually claims to be specialising in “personal growth” and “self-actualization.” I think it’s more like internal death and self-retardation.

On the description of Todd’s YouTube Channel, he writes,

If you want to learn how to improve your social life, have more success with women and better yourself as a human being visit our community site RSD Nation.”


“Better yourself as a human being”? This is probably the most hypocritical shit I have ever read.

By joining RSD Nation, you are becoming the scums.

It is not right to treat women as objects to be won.
And it is not right to try to manipulate women,
or ANYONE, just to be clear.

RSD Nation is definitely teaching the WRONG values and ethics.

And I especially like this exchange that happened between two commenters on that video:

Well, I have nothing more to say. But for those who are in RSD Nation, I just have this:

Leave RSD Nation. And start living life as a kinder and happier being.


P.S. I actually tried not to link any more of Todd’s other videos in this post because I don’t want to increase his viewership. So watch his videos at your own discretion.