A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Many of the jobs this article is talking about are devestating for everyone who work there. mindkilling, numb and not worth the money. Still many people are working there because the don’t have an alternative. I worked in some of them, too. All what i got out of this experience it a burnout and suicidal tendencies. A feeling of unworthyness and that i have no place in this world. Followed by a period of years where i was struggling with myself and everything else.

I admit i have to ask: Did Stephen Hawking or Musk ever work in front of an assembly belt? Did they ever worked in a sewer or just in warehouse… in some of the other “fine” places robots can and will takeover? Are these jobs worth to be done by a human?

And yes i know that is not what this article is saying (that people should stay in those jobs or that robots must not do it…)

So out deep from my heart Yes. Let robots do all the stupid work. Let robots do all the work that does more harm to people than it benefits them. Jobs that break backs, leed to alcoholism or to a feeling of worthlessness. But (yes) we need a change in society then. That is clear.

The thought behind this process cannot be in maximizing the money output. Much of the money that is safed by using robots has to be spend (just like the article says) to educate people to do better jobs and for a better life!

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