Glass Pool Fencing in Melbourne

Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne

If you are currently considering building a pool to enjoy the upcoming summer, you will need to consider what sort of fencing you would like to surround it. A fence around your pool not only keeps the area safe for people of all ages and pets but if done correctly can add some style and structure to your yard. There are many different materials you can select from when determining what kind of fence you would like surrounding your pool, with each having its own strengths and weaknesses. The material most commonly associated with pool fencing is glass. There are a number of quantifiable reasons for choosing glass over other types of pool fencing materials such as aluminium frames.

No Moisture Damage

Many other material choices for pool fences such as metal and wood are susceptible to moisture damage. Glass on the other hand is resistant to rot and does not easily grown mould. Long term exposure to water, even if it does contain chlorine does not affect the quality of the pool fencing. This ultimately results in savings in the long-term as little maintenance is required compared with other pool fencing materials.

Visibility & Aesthetics

Glass pool fencing provides you with a clear and transparent view of your pool no matter your standpoint. The transparency and luxurious feel of glass pool fencing is what generally drives customers decision-making purchase. Adding glass to any property helps to keep it looking both sharp and timeless, while still offering maximum practicality. This modern and contemporary material will ensure that the property doesn’t date prematurely.


The most practical advantage of glass balustrading is that it provides a safe and secure option to protect small children and pets. The advantage over aluminium is that there is little to no gap with glass fencing ensuring your family, friends and pets remain dry and safe.


Glass is often associated with fragility and breakage. This may be true for wine glasses and vases, but not for pool glass fencing. This is especially the case if you source your products from a reputable supplier that places emphasis on high quality strengthened glass. If sourced correctly, glass pool fencing is an extremely durable and safe option for your backyard pool.

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