Where to Buy Glass Balustrade in Melbourne?

Glass Balustrade in Melbourne

Glass balustrades are an elegant addition to enhance the appeal of a building. As Melbourne continues to modernise with sleek and sophisticated domestic and commercial properties, glass balustrades provide uninterrupted and panoramic views of the surrounding environment.

Whether you are constructing a new glass balustrade for your pool, deck, balcony or staircase, or updating your old balustrade, consider a company that has extensive experience in supplying both marine grade (316) and standard grade (304) stainless steel fittings as well as superior toughened glass. Both components will enhance the integrity of your new glass balustrade.

Stainless steel is designed to resist corrosion and oxidisation in various environments inside and outside. Glass is inherently resistant to mould and discolouration and this makes it an ideal candidate for application in various environments. Here are a few applications for glass balustrades that will make your property stand out from the rest.

Pool Fencing

Glass pool fences enhance the visibility of the pool from the outside. With safety in mind, stylish glass panels and stainless steel railing will offer a low maintenance protective barrier that will not fade or discolour due to the presence of the water nearby. Invite your friends over for a swim and you will not have to worry about cleaning the fence to impress.

Balconies and Decking

Enjoy transparent views of the scenic environment with wide glass panels surrounding your balcony or deck. Keep children and pets away from the hazardous edges of your balcony with glass balustrading which keeps them curious of their surrounds but restricts their movement. Glass balustrading adds a prestigious aspect to your property that is easy to clean.

Staircase Balustrading

Enlighten a dark stair case and make your home or office look brighter with glass panels. With accompanying stainless fittings, make a grand and bold addition to your property with a stair case that everyone will envy. Not only is glass easy to maintain, but unlike wood or plaster board it requires no painting and oiling.

With experience servicing the community since 1986, the team at Keble’s Trading will ensure your glass balustrade make an impressive statement. Bring your plans along to one of Keble’s Trading’s stores or call the experts on 1800 067 687 today to discuss your next project.