Why You Should Invest in Hoisting Equipment

We have come a long way in recent times in regards to lifting and handling heavy objects. Advent in machinery and technology has allowed us to not only improve efficiency and reduce time wastage but also improve job satisfaction. This increased job satisfaction is being led by safer work conditions and ease of job completion.

The industry standard way of lifting and hauling is completed with a device known as a material hoist. A material hoist is a rugged piece of equipment that handles lifting heavy goods and materials. It is not only used on construction sites, but is also used in a variety of applications such as warehousing and general industry. A few examples of when a material hoist is applicable includes loading trucks, placing heavy goods on shelves, raising heavy equipment while fixing them into place, or just simply moving/shifting heavy loads.

There are number of reasons why companies should invest in hoisting equipment:


Having people lift heavy and awkwardly sized objects is dangerous, unsafe and in the long run less cost efficient. In short, not only can it result in injury, but it is an inefficient use of manpower and money.


Trying to lift heavy objects by hand can be time consuming. If team members are occupied with moving materials, their time will be taken away from doing tasks that could add more value to the business.


Hoisting equipment is surprisingly economical over time. Once you have paid for the investments in the gear, the returns are large and rapid. Of course these will be based on your industry and frequency of use however there is no doubt that over time this machinery will pay for itself and much more. Furthermore, employing one person to operate a hoist is much more cost effective than using multiple team members to move objects. When it comes to maintenance, individual components can be purchased for material hoists, saving you money in repairs.

Customer Retention

A company that invests in the right equipment for the job will always be reputable in the eyes of stakeholders and customers. Customers care for safety and professionalism and will always look to choose a company that treats its staff ethnically over one that does not.

If you have decided to invest in a material hoist, or any other hoisting equipment, it is advisable to do so through an experienced organisation that can correctly advise you on your needs and requirements. Visit Keble’s Trading today at http://www.keblestrading.com.au/.