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On 22nd of March, Keboola participated at one of the most important tech events in the Nordics, the Data Innovation Summit.

our colleague, Filip Gregor, has been part of a panel discussion on the topic of Data Management trends in 2018

Full interview with Filip:

As expected, the event was well organised, with great speakers and delegates, who were there to advance their knowledge and looking for impactful solutions. What they were rewarded with was some amazing insight from the speakers and a look at the tech providers who are leading the field. We were encouraged by the level of insight from each delegate that approached our booth. …

We at Keboola ❤ hackathons! Participating in them is great but organising them even better. I guess this has to do with our years long experience doing so across the globe. Bringing together the brightest minds to work on some of the toughest challenges utilising cutting-edge technology!

We decided to kick-start 2018 with a weekend long data science hackathon in London on 20th / 21st January! Great data scientists & engineers, interesting data sets that are both in-depth and big in volume, hybrid integration & data exploration platform that caters for everyone’s analytical needs and much more…

Preparation of such…

Pete Williams, ex Head of Enterprise Analytics at Marks and Spencer [M&S] and now running his own outcome focused data consultancy, The Decision Playbook, shares with us in the interview his view around the transformational role of the CDO. His overall aim was to bring dynamic data to the heart of every business decision to make every decision faster, better informed and of higher quality.

Pete highlights the risk of getting in the hype cycle of needing a CDO; making bad decisions on the data science team; the difficulty of recruiting a successful team and the challenges in defining the…

In today’s post, we will present to you one of our partners, Adam Votava, the founder of aLook Analytics, Czech-based company providing tailor-made data science solutions. We had the opportunity to have a chat with Adam during the Hackathon organised by Keboola in January 2018.

Hi Adam, can you please introduce yourself and your company?

My name is Adam, and I’ve been working for several years in retail banking where I started as an intern and ended up working as Head of the Analytics and Data Management team. A few years ago I decided to quit my job and move…

D’Arcy Heath, Head of Digital Commerce at GTA Travel

Q: What is your role at GTA Travel & what is your background?

I lead and oversee the Digital Commerce team here at GTA Travel. My career began in the mail room of DDB Needham where I would see loads of creative briefs, and I would think to myself; “Hmm, if I was writing that advert, what would I say?” I then had a go at one of them as part of National competition and my ad was chosen as the winner.

I was promoted as a result and worked for several years as a copywriter for DDB, continuing to…

Keboola UK

We provide cloud-based data engineering platform, helping clients #DoMoreWithData by integrating, augmenting and enriching it for analytics & data science needs

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